José Augusto Chaves Guimarães

Jean-Claude Gardin and the search for interdisciplinary methodologies and reliable tools for the knowledge organization practices: “analyse documentaire” and “language documentaire”

Abstract: Paul Otlet’s concept of Documentation was a special contribution to the conception of traditional library organization practices in a more scientific approach, as well as a first step to the further development of Information Science. This contribution also embedded a major concern related to the development of techniques and methodologies for the documentary circle in relation to the promotion of the widest access to information as possible. In this sense, the field of knowledge organization assumes a vital mediating nature between the contexts of production and use of the socialized knowledge. Considering these aspects, this paper discusses the fundamental role of Jean-Claude Gardin in the epistemological dimension of knowledge organization and the development of an interdisciplinary methodology, based on logical and linguistic patterns – the “analyse documentaire” –, and the search of reliable tools that could build solid bridges between the document, the documentary system, and the user: the “languages documentaires”.


José Augusto Chaves Guimarães, is professor at the Department of Information Science at São Paulo State University – UNESP. His research areas are: ethics of knowledge organization, epistemology of knowledge organization, diplomacy, law documentation, content analysis, and subject analysis. He is the founder and the current president of the Brazilian ISKO Chapter as well as a former member of the Executive Board of ISKO. He is a researcher of the Brazilian National Council on Science and Technology and a former president of the Brazilian Association of Library Schools and the Ibero-American Association of Library Schools. He is now leading research projects on the ethics of knowledge organization, Court cases’ abstracting and on the Theoretical dimension of domain analysis (Sponsored by São Paulo State Research Foundation – FAPESP and by the Brazilian Federal Council on Science and Technological Development – CNPq) and has previously carried out research projects on indexing theory, the ethical and legal use of digital information, copyright issues in digital libraries (in partnership with Professor Juan Carlos Fernandez-Molina – University of Granada – and sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Education), and epistemology of knowledge organization. He is a member of the scientific board of many international journals as well as is a peer review of international Research Funding Agencies. He acted as invited professor at Université de Lille in 2016.