Paper #34

The definition of subject in times of hashtag activism: documentary discourse and discursive indexation in dynamic informational environments

Maria Aparecida Moura – Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil)


In this paper the complexity of defining subject in indexation processes is discussed. The concept of documentary discourse and discursive indexation by Muriel Amar (2000) is presented. The process of indexation in face of a widening of social actors involved, in addition to the practice of hashtag activism, is questioned, in relation to technological advances and social indexation. Based on the contributions generated by discourses of social groups that adopt hashtag activism, a model is proposed for formalizing the documentary discourse and the discursive indexation suggested by Amar (2000). In order to do so, an empirical corpus containing the world-changing movement BlackLivesMatter was compiled.

Keywords: Subject, hashtag activism, isotopy, documentary discourse, discursive indexation